Podcast Episodes

Episode No. 3: Worker Solidarity in the Grad School Hunger Games

For this special episode, we talk to three grads from the Graduate School of Education. Our guests are facing a situation shared by many around the country: after COVID delayed or derailed their research, the clock is running out on their funding.

Union-busting on TV

Episode No. 2 : Union Myth-Busting: Untangling Fact & Fiction

In this episode, hosts Ihsan and Mich examine contemporary pop-culture references to unions to see what union myths tell us about how to think about our rights and possibilities as workers.


Sherry Wolf

Episode No. 1 : Who are we and where are we going?

In this episode, hosts Ihsan and Mich talk to Senior Staff Organizer Sherry Wolf and Staff Organizer Jacob Chaffin about the history and future of the Union.